PCT 2020 Day 24

The Sonora Pass Regatta

I started the morning by going down to breakfast early by myself. I’ve learned that I really appreciate this solo morning time with coffee. Maybe have a book. Get my thoughts percolating. It feeds my soul for the day when I’m able to make it happen. Of course this is more of my relaxed weekend morning routine, which differs from my on-trail morning routine. It’s all very complicated.

At 10:00am we were ready to roll. Just a short trip here, but it was so lovely!

Here’s what the trail looked like once getting going. Wasted no time in going up…

Quickly, we got into these rugged outcrop-like structures that offered some neat views looking down at Sonora Pass.

Then, it was through this pass to new and wondrous things ahead…

As you may have noticed… some pretty flowers today…

As we all know, the Italian word regatta means “contention for mastery.” And that’s what the three of us sought during the third event of 2020, that took place at 4:30pm on this day.

The contenders…

Course introduction and the main event (great exciting footage no doubt)!
I think I must have been so dismantled by the frustrations of the race that I didn’t take any pictures the rest of the day (or maybe it was because of rain?), save one…

Now that’s a rugged thru-hiker caught in his element. I can interpret three meanings for why this pic was taken.

First, I remember there was some super duper items found in the hiker box at Kennedy Meadows Resort, including this Backpackers Pantry meal! I probs wanted to show it off and remember that I did once actually get to eat one of these fancy meals on the trip.

Second, since this was taken just after 6pm and I’m cooking in my tent vestibule, I believe this was the evening that we got caught in a thunderstorm/downpour of rain. As the rain getting going, we all set up our tents asap, somewhat nearby from each other. Then, hunkered down. It happened so quick and so formidably, that we hadn’t really communicated with one another about a plan and were unable to hear one another to know what they were up to due to the loudness of the weather.

Third, my shocked face. It was pretty intense. After a while, there was a lull in which I got out to assess and all of us had some major flooding going on it our tents. I remember trying to build pathways and dams to divert the runoff away from my tent.

It was a rough go!

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