PCT 2020 Day 22

Leaving” the Sierra

I’m not sure at what point exactly one would say the Sierra Nevada ends along the Pacific Crest Trail in northern California. I imagine it’d be up for debate among geologists, but either way I believe it extends quite a bit further than our stretch of trail today (even beyond Lake Tahoe?). But, unmistakingly, the feel of things seemed to shift today, especially during the last climb of the day. Something in the look of the terrain had us all feeling like we were saying goodbye to what we consider classic Sierra Nevada. That’s not at all to say what we experienced and what’s ahead isn’t just as spectacular in its own way!

Couldn’t leave camp without taking another Dorothy Lake pic…

We had a quick jaunt up through Dorothy Pass, finally exiting Yosemite National Park in the process, and then hiked down to the edge of Lake Harriet.

11:07am break time and water filtering…

11:30am – Meadow time

12:46pm – Let the hair be free time

3:28pm – Things are opening up. And we’re going up… time

3:29pm – See what I’m saying

3:35pm – Long and winding, the trail it is

3:40pm – Looking back at the valley where we’d come from

3:43pm – Badass hikers

4:08pm – Talk about long switchbacks, eh

4:21pm – “Can you take me higher” (Creed “Higher”)

4:35pm – “To a place where blind men see” (Creed)

4:44pm – “Can you take me higher” (Creed)

5:02pm – “To a place with golden streets” (Creed)

5:03pm – “She says, Hey, babe. Take a walk on the wild side.” (Lou Reed “Walk on the Wild Side”)

5:03pm – “Said, Hey honey. Take a walk on the wild side.” (Lou Reed)

5:03pm – “‘Cause she’s so high” (Tal Bachman “She’s So High”)

5:12pm – “High above me” (Tal Bachman)

7:47pm – “She’s so lovely” (Tal Bachman)

7:47pm – “She’s so high” (T. B.)

7:48pm – “Like Cleopatra” (T. B.)

8:31pm – “Joan of Arc” (T. B.)

8:32pm – “Or Aphrodite” (T. B.)

Well that was interesting. Didn’t expect to get into some early 70’s and late 90’s classic lyrics in this post, but the coffee was strong this morning and that’s what popped into my brain.

We ended up camping on top of that high-elevation open traverse stretch and you can imagine, it was very very windy. And, flat spots were not ideal. So much so, that we ended up splitting up. Cheer camped away from Calzone and I since she found a little 1 tent-sized nook tucked away. We went further up the trail and found our own little space, hiding in some small shrub-like trees. A bit rocky, but it worked, and allowed us to peak out and mess around with sunset photos and this time lapse.

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