PCT 2020 Day 13: Mile 922.9-936

That Was a Crazy Game of Poker

Beginning Elevation = 9,850

Ending Elevation = 8,888

Elevation Range = 8,888-11,075

Weather: Pretty cloudy most of the day, but nice as usual!

“I said I wanna touch the earth.

I wanna break it in my hands.

I wanna grow something wild and unruly.

I wanna sleep on the hard ground…

Oh it sounds good to me…

I wanna walk and not run.

I wanna skip and not fall.

I wanna look at the horizon

And not see a building standing tall…

Oh, it sounds good to me.

Yes, it sounds good to me.” – The Chicks

After taking some time in the morning to enjoy our lovely lakeside campsite, we made the climb up and overtop Donahue Pass. Along the way, we saw beautiful scenes of alpine lakes, silly pesky marmots, and of course wide-open views in all directions. We got the chance to chat with a ranger, took another summit pose atop the pass, and had a big decent down to the Lyell Fork river valley. Making it into camp somewhat early, we enjoyed resting up and had a rousing poker game, which involved betting of various hiker tasks such as, “carrying a 16 ounce summer sausage for a day,” or “a water fill-up and filtering,” or “a back massage at the end of the day,” and even once a “foot massage at the end of the day,” which I don’t think ever got cashed in. Ever. Here’s photos of the days events…

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