PCT 2020 DAY 11: Mile 903.3 – 909

Beginning Elevation = 8,950 (Off-PCT)

Ending Elevation = 7,700

Elevation Range = 9,300 (Off-PCT)

Snickers Update and Moving Onward

Some of you may be wondering… What about Snickers!!! He’s the Samwise Gamgee of this crew afterall, steadfast and loyal, so how come he’s not out here with us? Fret not, I bring you tidings. And just for kicks, here’s a throwback of the two of us last year at Crater Lake 🙂

Early on in our planning schemes, when none of us even knew if this all would play out or not, Snickers had got his permit to go southbound (sobo), whereas we thought to go northbound (nobo). Like Calzone and Cheer, he had a similar section to complete, around 400 PCT miles. We kept in touch leading up to our hike and then while in Mammoth Lakes checked in with the super hiker…

Snickers was still on the fence about whether to hike this summer or not. We gave him our report of what we’d experienced thus far, but like us, he was being cautious. I would imagine living in NYC, the U.S. Covid epicenter, was an experience that leaves an impact too! From the sounds of things at that time, cases had lessened there, but the concern was now the potential airport hotspots out west. It wouldn’t be until a week later that Snickers would make his final decision. Here’s part of the text he sent me…

“After a restless night of the pros and cons waging a battle in my brain, I went for a run this morning, and the pros and cons stopped fighting. And just the pros were left and there is peace. I’m in. I’m coming. I’m flying in as planned. Yay!!!!!!!”

I was so happy my friend was going for it! His plan was to make his way to Chester, CA (a special small town to all of us), and start hiking sobo around August 7 or 8. We were pumped about the possibility of crossing paths and seeing him again.

On to the tales of Calzone, Cheer, and Stevie Wonder…

Today, we left the town of Mammoth Lakes, CA and made our way back to the PCT continuing our journey north! We utilized the town’s wonderful public transportation to get back to the trailhead around noon or so.

Once back on the PCT, we only went about 6 miles or so, but days getting out of town can be tough. I know that I at least was dragging! Here’s some photos of the trek…

We found our first PCT blaze too, which we were pretty excited about (not sure what I’m doing with my face in the second photo and I cut half of Cheer’s face off to)…

We got to see Devil’s Postpile….

We set up camp at the junction where the PCT splits with the John Muir Trail (JMT). We had decided that tomorrow we’d be JMT’ers, and planned to hike the entire 14-ish mile section where the two paths part from one another. Our camp tonight was sort of a stealth camp and we had to set up slightly apart from one other, but it staged us up nicely for the next day!

P.S. I remember really struggling to hang a bear bag up in the tree at this camp. I believe Calzone had to come to my rescue!

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