Day 96 (July 25): Mile 1,712.5 – 1,717.7

Reuniting With Snickers, YeeHa!

Beginning Elevation = 5,900
Ending Elevation = 4,500
Weather: Sunny, low 90’s

My day began at 5:39am, which is the random time that my bodily clock has been deciding to wake itself at, give or take 2 minutes. Strange right? By 6:15am, I was packed up, stretched out a bit, and ready to hike. I was feeling groovy and ready for town, so walked the 5ish miles at a brisk pace. I also didn’t really stop for pictures much since I kept my phone off to save battery.

Just before I turned off the PCT to a side trail, I did see this sign that I thought was pretty interesting…

The side trail led to Callahan’s Lodge, which is right off an exit/entrance to I-5. I enjoyed a tasty and relaxing breakfast there while uploading some of my posts. While hanging, I overheard another hiker who was also dining make a call to a trail angel about a ride into town – Ashland, Oregon. I went over to chat and found there would likely be room for me as well. An 11:00am pick up was arranged. Very nice, I thought.

Our ride, Mark the trail angel, was a little late due to traffic on I-5, but soon enough we were piled in taking winding back roads into town. There were four of us hikers crammed in the back seat and I was feeling a bit blah by the end of the drive. We got dropped off in downtown Ashland, which is where Southern Oregon University is. From my brief experience walking through town, it seemed a neat place with lot of unique shops and restaurants.

So, the last couple days when I’d gotten cell service briefly, I’d been checking in with Snickers who was ahead of me. He’d been in Ashland for a day or two prior to my arrival, but I’d told him I planned to use one of my free nights at the Holiday Inn Express and he was welcome to join if looking to stay another night. So, when I got in to town, we met up and were reunited finally! Woo Hoo! It really was great to see him again.

We connected at the post office and I was already in town mode trying to get all the tasks accomplished. Thankfully, Snickers had the bright idea to visit a restaurant first and catch up. So over to Ruby’s we went and had a great time telling tales of our travels. This really helped me calm down and relax a bit. Snickers has a way of creating an atmosphere like that, with less worry and more in-the-moment enjoyment.

Afterwards, I went back to the post office, shipped out my damaged tent to be repaired by Big Agnes, and also sent some items home that I hadn’t been using, like my camp super sandals and fleece. Next, we hopped on the bus to get across town closer to our hotel. Upon getting off, we visited Bi-Mart and Shop’n Kart to get my resupply. Two great stores in my opinion.

After all that, we walked the .75 miles or so to the hotel and finally checked in. I finished the other town things, laundry, showering, phone things, and such and enjoyed the time looking at what’s coming up, now having someone with whom to scheme with. I also received some packages at the front desk. The first was my new shoes! Hooray! The second was from Dave H, his tent which I’ll be using while mine is hopefully being repaired.

You can hardly tell which are used and which are new…

I have to admit that this was probably the dirtiest and smelliest I’ve been yet on trail. Getting clean was heavenly. And we even took a visit to the hot tub and pool. So refreshing. We’d picked up some microwavable food for dinner when at the store earlier, so the rest of the evening was spent hanging at the hotel.

After a successfull Ashland visit, Team Stevie Wonder and Snickers are ready to tackle the trail once again!

Ok folks, I’m really not sure when I’ll be able to upload posts next. We’re entering some trail territory with fewer town visits, so it could be a bit. I’ll do my best to get them up when I can though! Until then, keep that eye of the tiger folks, be aggressive, be be aggressive!

4 thoughts on “Day 96 (July 25): Mile 1,712.5 – 1,717.7

  1. Luke Medema

    New state deserves a new pair of kicks 🙂 If you’re slowing down at all when you get to WA I could send you some PF Flyers…I hear they make you run faster and jump higher lol


  2. jimnewheights

    Half the team is together again. Nice to see you’re teaming up again. Watch out for the banana slugs, Oregon has some different creatures lurking in the shadows.

    Liked by 1 person

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