Day 94 (July 23): Mile 1,668.3 – 1,687.7

Just Keep Treking

Beginning Elevation = 5,850
Ending Elevation = 6,000
Elevation Range = 4,750 – 6,950
Weather: high 79’s, sunny

I survived another round of cowboy camping. Overall, I still prefer the tent. Its a pretty cool experience looking up at the wide display of stars, which were spectacular last night, but I think I sleep better inside. I had several times where I’d wake up to mosquitoes buzzing around. Half asleep, I dug in my pack for my mosquitoe head net, but gave up and just cocooned myself inside my mummy further. I also thought I heard something twice going through my pack, like a mouse or small mountain critter, but in the morning I theorized that it was likely just the wind blowing a ziplock bag I had out containing my phone charge and cords, etc.

For my morning stretch, the trail went down about 1,000 feet to a road and a spring where I filled up with water, then proceeded to go back up 1,200 feet or so. A breakfast break was needed afterwards. Just before sitting down, I’d met a new hiker, Plane Crash, and her friendly dog Wayland. He was a cool dude, pretty chill.

I didn’t take many pictures today. Of the pre-breakfast walk, the only one I took was of this white boulder next to some white flowers.

I think this is that same marble stuff as before, but its more of a pure white rather than gray and wasn’t as course feeling. Also, going back to the rock identification for my fellow geologists….I performed a scratch test with my treking pole and the steel scratched the rock, thus the rock had a lower hardness on Mohs scale. Later in the day I saw layers of a gray shiny rock, possibly a schist? The strike or dip or whatever was so that it was straight up and down rather than horizontal.

After breakfast, I had a really nice gentle section with some views out our favorite Mount Shasta. I’m pretty sure I’ll still see it when up at the Canadian border, it just follows me. I started a really engaging podcast going too, another of the Liturgist podcast. I’ve mentioned this one before. What made this episode so good was that it was the two main hosts of the show telling their stories. Episodes 6 and 7 I believe. Anyway, it was worth the listen.

After lunch my energy began draining. And my feet began hurting, moreso towards the end of the day. I decided I would call it around 6:00pm. Here’s some of the views I saw along the way today….

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