Day 163 (Sept. 30): Mile 1,090.8 – 1,081.9

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Beginning Elevation = 7,250
Ending Elevation = 8,650
Elevation Range = 7,250 – 9,000
Weather: Cold, cloudy, some flurries

As my title for today’s post suggests, we made it back on trail today! It wasn’t exactly an early morning start though. Actually, we began our trek at 2:18 in the PM time. So what did we do that took up that much time you ask? Do not fret, I shall tell you…

I awoke sometime in the 7:00-7:30am range and went down to a comfy couch to work on finally catching up on the blog. It felt good doing that, I’m not a fan of getting behind on those. Eventually, Calzone joined and I started a fire and made some coffee. A bit later, Cheer too made her way to the living room/kitchen and commenced to making breakfast. She concocted some of the tasty toad in the hole’s with veggies again, but I opted to just go with a few fried eggs with melted cheese.

After our late breakfast, we each started organizing and packing our things back into our packs. Going forward we’ll all be carrying bear canisters, which because of there bulk, cause for a whole new way of fitting our things inside. We each did some cleaning up around the house throughout this time frame as well until I felt I’d followed the advice my Grandpa Mearl used to say, “Leave it better than you found it.”

It wasn’t until around 12:30pm that we were all ready to go. Jake, our host, had come through once again and said he not only would take us to the trailhead, but could make a pit stop in town (which wasn’t on the way) for me to buy an extra layer. I’d seen some cheap sweat pants yesterday when we were at Big 5 (an outdoor store chain out here), but stupidly decided against it then. After seeing the forecast for the next few days, I reconsidered!

We ended up going to lunch quick at Jalapeno’s Mexican Restaurant too before heading out towards the trail. It was very tasty…probably a really smart idea to eat right before starting our big hike. As we gained elevation on our car ride up to the trailhead, things outside seemed to become more and more white colored. It was noticeably more snowy.

We thanked Jake profusely and agreed to keep in touch telling of our safe arrival at our next town. And then, after a brief pause to tighten up shoe laces and take a picture, we set forth on the PCT once again, only a tad frightened of what we were getting ourselves into.

Our goal for this next stretch was to make it to Sonora Pass/Highway 108 where we hoped to access Kennedy Meadows Resort (no connection to the one in the southern Sierra that Dave H and I visited together), a distance of around 75 miles.

I thought I’d try doing it a bit differently for the rest of this post. Here’s my photos and some thoughts that either went through my head or I said/sang aloud…

“Here we go!”

“Are we crazy for going out in this?”

“Wow, the snow makes things pretty”

“Huh, not too many folks parked at the trailhead today.”

“There’s definitely more snow than I anticipated”

“Alright, I’m going for the 5 hour energy shot…it says take half bottle for moderate energy, take full bottle for maximum energy…I’m going full, why not?”

“How in the Sam Hill did that icicle form all bent that way?”

“Ugh, my pack is feeling very Hulk-like.”

“Stupid bear can”

“I’m feeling the elevation.”

“This is super cool looking though”

“I hate when songs that I don’t know the lyrics to get stuck in my head…hit the gun slayer, hit the gun slayer, I got all I need…”

“Ah…hit the dance floor, hit the dance floor”

“Haha you and I were looking, but not Cheer”

“Everybody set with water?”

“There’s definitely more snow up here than where we started”

“I’m all about the meadows, I can’t resist the meadows photo”

“Pretty sure my 5 hours is up”

“I’m being lazy. My hands are cold, but I don’t want to get my gloves out from my pack. I think I can make it to camp.”

“I don’t want to close my eyes, I don’t want to fall asleep, cuz I’d miss you baby and I don’t want to miss a thing…cuz even when I dream of you, the sweetest dream will never do, I’d still miss you baby and I don’t want to miss a thing. I don’t want to close my eyes… I don’t want to fall asleep.”

“I have little pieces of ice in my beard”


“I love how the rocks just have snow in the cracks”

“Maybe we should fill up with water in case we find a good tent spot before the lake”

“The good thing is that it’s not windy…knock on this tree wood”

“It’s really cold”

“The lake…Hooray!”

“How about right here, right in a row, boom”

“How’s everyone doing? Warming up yet?”

“Yeah, I wrapped my feet up in my puffy and that seemed to help”

“I put both pairs of my new Halloween socks on”

“I’m super glad I got my new sweats”

“I poured some water into my pot and a layer of ice formed…guys, it’s really cold out. I’m sure youve already done it, but make sure Sawyer’s in your sleeping bag”

“Do I need to put my Platypus in my sleeping bag?”

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