Day 135 (Sept. 2): Mile 2,464.7

Zero in Leavenworth/Pep Talk

I think we all need a pep talk…

Actually, I’d say my spirits and the spirits of my fellow hikers are high. We’re doing pretty good folks. Although, we’ve each had our moments of disgruntlement and frustration, we’re still here, we’re still standing, and we’re close to the northern terminus of the trail!

So rather than go through my day like normal, I’ll sum it up by saying it was stellar. We did all our usual town stuff…a mix of treating ourselves to food and beverages and relaxing, and also getting out tasks done to get us ready for the push to Canada!

Canada…that was my original goal right? In my first post, I wrote that I was leaving the U.S./Mexico border near Campo, California , “setting out with the goal of walking the 2,650 miles to the U.S./Canada border near Manning Park, British Columbia.” But things changed along my unexpected journey. I had to adapt to what the trail was throwing at me and thus I skipped 521 miles in California.

U.S. Highway 2 that passes through Stevens Pass and through the town of Leavenworth, WA where I’m zeroing today lies at mile 2,464.7 of the trail. That means that I’m about 188 miles to the U.S./Canada border! We have only one other town stop before then…Stehekin, WA. So tomorrow, I’ll be heading out with TW, Cheer, and Calzone to finish Washington out strong. It’s proven to be tough and we’re hoping to keep up some big mile days and get there around September 12 or 13ish

It’s strange that the northern terminus was my goal for so long, but now it’s not the end, there’s more to do once I reach it. I’m sticking with the plan that C and C, Snickers, and I made in Bishop, CA after escaping the mighty power of the Sierra snows and rivers…the plan to return to California and finish the skipped section still this year!

That being said, as I approach Canada, there’s definitely an excitement and a realization that it’s going to mean a lot for us to get to that monument! And for TW it is the end of his journey for this year. He plans to get a flight back across the pond out of Vancouver. So, we’ll all be celebrating for sure!

4 thoughts on “Day 135 (Sept. 2): Mile 2,464.7

  1. I can’t believe you’re so close to Canada! It seems like you have absolutely cruised through Oregon and Washington! And I’ve been surprised at the beauty and splendor of both of those states. I didn’t realize how amazing they were. I’ve never been to the Northwest but it seems like I’ll need to make that trip at some point. Pure beauty! Keep on walking Stevie Wonder!

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  2. jimnewheights

    My brother Bob hiked Mt. Whitney over Labor Day weekend. I wish I could attached a picture but I will text it. Steve and Sumi’s trek from Mexico to Canada has been super fun to be apart of through your blog. I am looking forward to your blog post to Mt. Whitney.


  3. Sherry Hoekwater

    Thanks for the fun pep talk. 😊 I found it positive and encouraging!
    It always good to know that your spirits are up and you are motivated too.
    Hike onward Steve! 🚢🏻


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