Day 134 (Sept. 1): PCT Mile 2,446.9 – 2,464.7

Journey to Stevens Pass and Leavenworth

Beginning Elevation = 5,050
Ending Elevation = 1,200 (Off PCT)
Elevation Range = 4,050 – 5,900 (On PCT) Weather: Mix of sun and clouds, high 75°F

We’d made a plan for another 7:00am start time last night. We woke to our tent flys being completely wet from condensation. And some golden light from the sun’s rise on the distant mountains!

TW was quite peppy. I wasn’t just yet…

Our hike started with a 1.7 mile climb up to Piper Pass. TW and I made the assault together with the girls close behind us.

The pass didn’t really have views from the top, since it was covered by trees. Leading up to it though and after passing through and beginning to head down, there were.

We had about 17 or 18 miles from our campsite to make it to Stevens Pass, our goal for the day. It was a struggle. I know I’ve been saying it a lot lately, but lots of up and down. I think we had something like 5 “peaks” for the day and each were particularly steep ascents and descents. Tough stuff.

Yes, we found Snickers down at Stevens Pass! It was great to see him and hear that he’s doing good and still trucking along. Our meeting was brief though since Calzone had been hiking with a lady who said she could give us a ride into the town of Leavenworth where she’s from. Cheer had booked a hotel a few days for us in Leavenworth and we planned to take a zero day there. So, off to town it was!

Once checked in, we set out to see the lovely Bavarian styled town and to search for food!

We didn’t go far, settling on the Baren Haus for dinner! It was strange for TW to see all this German(ish) food, beer, and style all around but he seemed to enjoy it. We all did!

And afterwards, as is our custom, we found some ice cream. Very tasty ice cream that was recommended to us by our waitress. The place was called Whistlepunk Ice Cream Co. I don’t think any of us did much as far as trail preparations or town tasks, etc… It was just a fun time hanging in town together.

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