Day 124 (August 22): PCT Mile 2,280 – 2,295.4

Making it to Kracker Barrel

Beginning Elevation = 6,250
Ending Elevation = 4,400
Elevation Range = 4,400 – 6,550
Weather:. Cold and misty rain, turned sunny, high 65°F

I woke up early and peaked out to find that I was still socked in with fog. And it was blowing misty rain at me. It had rained a good amount last night in the evening, but didn’t seem to go through the night. There were some pretty strong wind gusts though. I packed up getting wet in the process. My poncho struggled with the wind, blowing all around me.

Once going, the trail went down. It seemed to be getting clearer, but I was also heading into a green tunnel of trees.

Everything was wet and dripping in the trees, but pretty neat. I was excited to have noticed and captured this cool web. I don’t much like spiders, I don’t like them at all, but props to the one that made something so beautiful!

The spider’s silk was all over (I had to look up what webs are made of)

After descending a ways, I had a big climb back out of the trees and eventually popped out here…

And then the trail hopped over that ridge and I got a rad view of Mount Rainier!

This was near the high point for the day, which just had lovely views all around. Here’s one looking back as I waved goodbye to the stupendous Goat Rocks area!

There was a purdy shimmering lake up there too…

I spent some time at the top ridge and then crossed over to make my way about 6 miles or so down to White Pass.

About a mile from reaching Highway 12 I passed a hiker and did a double take. We exchanged the typical, “Hi, how are you?” and such, but that was it. I realized as he passed that it was a guy a lot of us PCT’ers followed on YouTube, Second Chance! Rather than call back and make a big deal out of it I chose to just let him hike on in peace, but I was happy to have run into him.

I made it down to the highway and then did a half mile walk to the Kracker Barrel, which was not what I or what I’m guessing you were expecting…

Its more of a gas station than the restaurant I had imagined. They were very nice to us hikers. I’m going to keep things short and say that I hung out the rest of the day and ended up tenting behind their building. Snickers was there too but he pressed on around 4-5pm. We planned to meet up at the next stop, Snoqualmie Pass, about 4-5 days away if I don’t catch up prior. Before he took off, we got a surprise visitor…Trojan Warhorse! He must have been crushing it to catch up!

He stayed and chatted for a while catching up, but then was feeling a town visit was necessary and so hitchhiked into Packwood, WA to get a hotel for the night.

I spent the rest of my time ordering a large pizza that I had to recruit other hikers to help finish. Didn’t have a problem finding additional eaters. Nice night hanging at the White Pass store!

One thought on “Day 124 (August 22): PCT Mile 2,280 – 2,295.4

  1. Emily Brittenham

    Love the spiderweb photo! So much beauty in the small things, and the big things❤️. From the intricately woven web to the grandeur of mountains in the clouds…

    Liked by 1 person

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