Day 121 (August 19): PCT Mile 2,229.4 – 2,244.9

An Abundance of Amazing At Adam’s Ankles

Beginning Elevation = 3,850
Ending Elevation = 5,900
Elevation Range = 3,850 – 6,150
Weather: Sunny, high of 75Ā°F

My day started with the crowing of a rooster at 5:40am. I’d already been sleeping poorly the hour prior due to traffic that had started on the road. Log trucks went by every so often throughout the morning and those were the ones that seemed to shake the ground. I got up and out of my tent and made my way to the front porch of the store. Who should I find already there, but Snickers. It didn’t suprise me. The only other person out of their tent at the time.We both did some phone stuff. I worked on uploading my posts. And then a little after 7:00am we had breakfast down the road at the Bear Creek Cafe. Hockey joined us after a while. The food was pretty good. The restaurant had about everything you can think of that could be made out of huckleberries. For instance, Snickers got a ginormous huckleberry filled pancake. And after my main breakfast, I got a huckleberry cinnamon roll to go. It was stupendous folks.

Snickers was ready for action before me and got packed up for the 9:30am shuttle back to the trail. There is a great community of trail angels in Trout Lake that have set up a schedule for hiker rides to and from the trail. They’re apparently even doing a YouTube project about it. Anyway, I wasn’t ready yet, so said I’d find him somewhere down the trail.

I’m going to go on a tangent here. Maybe I’ve already talked about this one, but it seems to come up daily almost. Do you say to someone, I’ll see you up the trail or I’ll see you down the trail? Does it depend on which direction you’re headed, north or south? Or is it an incline thing, whether the trail is literally going up or down at that particular place? Serious stuff. Snickers and I usually say the opposite of each other, but as I’m writing now I cant remember who says up and who says down. I digress…

By 11:00am I was somewhat ready. I’d waited too long before starting to pack up my tent and stuff into my pack, and so was rushing to get it all done. It all worked out though.

Today’s hike was all about Mount Adams and the views started already on my car ride back to the trail. Trail Angel Doug took myself and a southbound girl hiker from Montreal. I could tell he loved telling us about his home town and the surrounding area. He even showed us his actual house as we drove by, which was right about the time I was taking this photo…One more side tangent… shouldn’t they be called trail wizards rather than trail angels if they’re providing trail magic? A hiker called Pony brought that up a few days ago and it made complete sense to me. He’s on to something I think.

I got hiking around 11:45am after doing some stretching and parting ways with the Montreal southbounder. I felt quite content hiking today. Everything just seemed so peaceful. I’m not sure what it was. Maybe less people around? But even the birds seemed quieter today, apart from the occasional one that would fly out of a bush and startle me. They’re very aggressive when they do that.

The first part of the hike was all going up. And had a pretty big burned area. I had lunch by myself near a very nice spring. I’ve got crunchy pb and honey on tortilla for my main lunch course this week, same that I’ve had since leaving Cascade Locks.About 6.5 miles in, I reached a trail junction where I had to turn to stay on the PCT. This was about the point where the trail leveled off somewhat around 6,000 feet-ish. And where views of Mount Adams became more clear…I very much enjoyed this section. Washington was bringing it! At this one outlook point, I was able to see Adams, Hood, St. Helens, and Rainier. I had a video, but struggled to upload it. There were lots of cascading streams and beautiful viewing of Mount Adams’ west/northwestern sides.

At one point, I was walking along listening to my audiobook and heard some out of place noise. I took my earbud out and couldn’t place where it was coming from at first, but then realized that up on Mount Adams a dust cloud had formed. The noise was loose rock tumbling down. It was hard for me to figure how big it was, but I was pretty far away at the time and still heard it pretty well. Here’s a photo!

More streams and flowers and then Adams River (the muddy looking one), which the comments in Guthook’s had warned might require a wade across. It did not in the end. There were some logs I crossed over with skill and athleticism rivaling that of Simone Biles.

I had been eyeing Killen Creek to set up camp. I still hadn’t caught up to Snickers and it was past 6:00pm as I neared the approach. I came around a bend and there he was! I caught him trying to take an artistic picture of his shadow on the trail and then snuck up and added my own shadow to the photo. Lucky I didn’t startle him!

We finished the last 0.2 miles together and reached Killen Creek. There was a beautiful waterfall and we filled up our water bottles just above it, in the spot just before the water cascaded down.

Down below the waterfall was a grassy meadow and beyond that a little clump of trees where we found camp. Bass Bone and Dave, my fellow Grand Rapidians had waved us down to join them! A guy from Scotland called Salt Lick was also there. The five of us had a nice evening together which mainly consisted of setting up and eating our dinners.

We had some nice views of Adams…

Here’s Team Michigan šŸ˜

And our site…

5 thoughts on “Day 121 (August 19): PCT Mile 2,229.4 – 2,244.9

  1. jimnewheights

    Huckleberry Cinnamon Roll sounds delicious. I think you should do a separate blog on food of the trail. Do you have a picture of the huckleberry cinnamon roll?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Luke Medema

    Washington looks amazing…you’re convincing me to go explore that and Oregon with your posts. Also, can I request a video of your double-backflip quadruple-twisting dismount off the next log crossing? You’d be an immediate youtube sensation! But if you prefer to keep your skills an athleticism more on the down low in order to avoid the money and fame I understand šŸ˜‰

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Scott Prins

    I think im on team “down the trail.” At least I would say “down the road” instead of “up the road”

    Also I think you and Pony need to start a grass roots movement on that Guthrie app to formally change it to Trail Wizards. Cause that obviously makes more sense

    Liked by 1 person

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