Day 109 (August 7): PCT Mile 2,000.9

Beautiful Bend

I’m running low on my time in town, so to switch things up, here a list of what I/we accomplished today!

  • Breakfast with TW and Snickers in hotel lobby… unexpectedly delicious
  • Relax in hotel room, upload blog posts, and download more music/podcasts to phone
  • Laundry
  • Venture out to gear stores: Gear Fix and REI. Purchased a Poncho!
  • Called home
  • TW/Snickers go to USPS and pick up boxes.
  • Solo trip for me to Deschutes Brewery – Bend Public House. Fantastic… lovely place. Walked “river walk” to get there.
  • Regroup at hotel room, research resupply needs
  • Walk over to Safeway and purchase resupply for next stretch and enough for a package to be sent to stop in Washington. TW/Snickers bought for 3 packages!
  • Organize and remove food packaging.
  • More blog posting and phone business.
  • Dominoes pizza delivery. TW had been craving since his 2016 experience along the PCT.
  • Phone calls home and continued trail research for ahead, resupply box packing
  • Sleepy time!

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