Day 103 (August 1): PCT Mile 1,861.8 – 1,889.3

Forests and Mountains and Lakes, Oh My!

Beginning Elevation = 7,300
Ending Elevation = 5,550
Elevation Range = 5,550 – 7,300
Weather: Sunny, high 70’s

More Food and Monica beat us on the trail once again. They left precisely when they planned at 5:30am on the dot. Snickers and I were about 7 minutes behind, but we wouldn’t see them again the rest of the day.

The trail greeted us as it has been the last few days, with stunning, orange-glowing skies…

We walked through an amazing section of trail today. The majority of it was spent trekking through various forests, some mossy/lichen covered, big trees/smaller Michigan-sized trees…we essentially went up and down four times somewhat gradually, but still with significant elevation gain/loss each time. We got treated to some lovely views overlooking the vast Oregon forests, often seeing a lake or pond hidden away within the pines. The forest was so full looking. And occasionally there would be some steep rocky mountains.

At breakfast, Cafe Bustelo came through for the win. Absolutely delicious. A treat from Dave H that surely will become a new addition to my trail food go-to’s I think. But I’ll need to check with my supplier on how easily obtained this Cuban style (maybe?) coffee is.

At one point we sat right on the trail. Very tired.

Here’s photos from the rest of the days hike…

Eventually, we made our way to an amazing camp site on a small peninsula going out into Summit Lake. After settling in and setting up our tents, I took a jump in the lake. It was very refreshing! Very clear water and a perfect temperature.

I enjoyed this site a lot, one of my favorite camp sites in a while! Snickers and I were pretty whipped after the long hike and have been finding ourselves quite tired of late. After a short chat, we both agreed that tomorrow at Shelter Cove Resort, we’d likely camp there and give ourselves time to rest and reenergize!

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