Day 84 (July 13): PCT Mile 1,463.9 – 1,490.2

The One With the Evil Snake

Beginning Elevation = 4,200
Low Elevation = 2,250
Ending Elevation = 4,600
Weather:. sunny, low-mid 80’s

The majority of today’s trail could be summed up as lots of gradual up and down through a tranquil mountainous pine forest with an occasional creek or river passing through. There were sections where the trees were absolute giants. I’ll never get sick of seeing these guys, they just don’t grow them like that in Michigan. Or, maybe they used to and we’ve chopped them all down? Have we, “paved paradise and put up a parking lot?”

As my title so subtly hints, I did have a snake encounter today. It’s been a while since I last had to deal with these nasty creatures and so this one took me by surprise. I was not practicing the art of unagi, which my buddy Ross from Friends says is “a state of total awareness…only by achieving true unagi can you be prepared for any danger that may befall you”. It also startled me because it was red, white, and black striped! That’s not ok, right? Surely he was evil. I felt I was near death as he slithered away off the trail into his hidey hole, probably to get his buddies and ambush me later on. My post-trail/in-town research would reveal it to be a California Mountain King Snake (I think). I didn’t get a photo, but it looked just like this Google image…

Anyway, it was a very nice hike again on the PCT. I hopscotched a little with Blueberry again and also Griz. I also saw a guy named Tank who I briefly met way back in Idyllwild.

It was another big miles day and I’m happy to feel pretty good still after 3 days in a row of 25ish+ miles. I set myself up nicely to get into town tomorrow at a nice time too. At camp, the mosquitoes were bad, the worst yet. I tried covering up, but these guy were relentless. They attacked with vicious accuracy, knowing directly where my exposed skin was. As I’m writing now safe in my tent though, I realized I didn’t even try my bug spray earlier. I haven’t even sprayed it except once accidentally as I was pushing it down into my pack pocket.

Here’s the few pics I took today…

I ran out of time again in town and so it will be a while before I post again. Do not fear team, I hike north to Etna and beyond! Until then…don’t go chasing waterfalls, stick to those rivers and lakes folks!

4 thoughts on “Day 84 (July 13): PCT Mile 1,463.9 – 1,490.2

  1. Emily Brittenham

    Stephen! You are cruising!!! If my calculations are correct, you’ve hiked like 160 miles in 7 days. Whew! Amazing. Hope you’re feet aren’t too mad at you 😉
    Also, regarding the snake, as the saying goes… “When red meets black you’re okay Jack. When red meets yellow you’re a dead fellow. When red meets white you better take flight.” However, as I’m typing this, John is telling me there are no venomous snakes in CA that can be confused with the King snake. I guess the corral snake lives elsewhere. Maybe AZ? So you’re safe 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  2. jimnewheights

    Keep checking off the creatures you see on the trail. God’s creation is amazing. Make sure to have your camera ready when Big Foot shows up. I hear BF hangs out in the forests to the north. As we used to say in my younger days, “Keep on Trekking”.😊


  3. Luke Medema

    Glad you survived the snack ambush! Looks like you’re getting into Redwood country, enjoy those beautiful giants. And thanks for the wise proverb from TLC. A good reminder for us all 🙂

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