Day 83 (July 12): PCT Mile 1,434.6 – 1,463.9

BB, BB, and BM’s

Beginning Elevation = 5,350
Peak Elevation = 6,150
Ending Elevation = 4,200
Weather:  Sunny, mid 80’s

I had a great hike today. Started around 6:30am and stopped around 7:45pm with a half hour break for breakfast and maybe an hour for lunch. The trail wasn’t easy, it felt like a lot of uphill. When I looked at the elevation graph it showed a lot of up and down. I was surprised when I saw that I didn’t even get up another 1,000 feet in elevation because the way I remember it now as I’m writing, it seemed all uphill!

Along the way I got to see a silly amount of wildflowers of numerous variety, great shaded forested areas, wide open views looking out, a black bear (BB#1), and a big buck (BB#2). And I covered big miles (BM’s), over 29 miles today, beating my record from yesterday, no big deal. Thankfully BM doesn’t stand for bowel movement for this instance.

I hopscotched with Blueberry and Gaper throughout the day, but they pushed on for their planned 30+ mile day. I did find Cheeks, a piano playing guy from Spain who I’d met at the Burney Mountain Ranch (he played the theme from Legends of the Fall!) and another guy I didn’t know set up where I camped though. When I showed up they were all about ready for their tents. I set up my tent, ate, packed up dinner, hung my food bag (I’m getting dang good at it now), and organized my stuff for the overnight all in an hour…record speed.

Here’s photos/videos from today:

Yes folks, I saw my first bear on trail! It actually didn’t startle me much because it was off the trail a bit and at first all I saw was a bush moving. I don’t have a good video, the one I took is just the bush moving, but here’s a crummy photo. The black blob by the base of the tree in the middle is him/her…

Lunch at Moosehead Creek…

5 thoughts on “Day 83 (July 12): PCT Mile 1,434.6 – 1,463.9

  1. Ruth Prins

    you are a hunter, and yet this experience requires you to simply watch bear and elk and ?? without a weapon in your hand. Must be a totally different experience for you. 😉

    I am happy to hear that your body is accepting peanuts now. Such a lovely thing to eat in all of it’s forms!

    Liked by 1 person

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