Day 70 (June 16): PCT Mile 788.5

Zero in Bishop

Today was a much needed rest day, but also a busy day getting ready for the next stretch of trail. Rather than go through it all, I’ll just cover some highlights.

Number one is that father Dave H is taking steps to tackle an either bigger challenge than Forester Pass or the PCT. When we left Lone Pine, he left knowing he’d be out of cigarettes and made his mind to make a go at quiting! While out on the trail, there’s not really any way to get around it, but down in town temptations lurk everywhere. I was super proud to see him resist and continue his quiting plan! So, may all your thoughts and prayers and good vibes be sent to him as he battles the dark side!

Number two was breakfast at Jack’s, a restaurant that’s been in business for some 70 years or so and which cooked up a stellar breakfast!

Number three was getting to watch some of the U.S. Womens World Cup victory!

Dad and I also did some resupply together braving the above 90 degree temperatures to walk to the store! Our team likes things that are mega, so…

I was a little stressed throughout the day and was thankful to have dad help me out with some tasks like laundry with Snickers! He also spent a good amount of time figuring out his travel plans for the next day. The plan was that I would go with the group setting out for the trail tomorrow, while dad would bus down to Independence, CA to pick up the boxes we had shipped. He’d get a hotel there and then the next day would be busing again, but north to Reno, NV where he’ll catch his flight!

Here’s our lovely motel in Bishop, CA…

Excited for the challenges to come!

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