Day 50 (May 27): PCT Mile 604.4 – 624.3

50 Days on the PCT

Beginning Elevation = 6,500
Low/Peak Elevations = 4,550/6,800
Ending Elevation = 5,550

For my fiftieth day on the trail post, I thought I would display fifty photos taken throughout the day to tell the story. I ended up with only 41, but who’s counting. I normally just pick some of my favorites, but these show a bit of the variety in just one day. Plus, the morning especially felt like a nature photo shoot:

“Through the Wardrobe”

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


It’s Another Boulder Sunrise

Snowball Moon Crater

On The Trail Again


Powdered Sugar

Charlie Brown


Vertical Snow Plops


Forest of Light

Sun Dried

In The Meadow

Dino Egg

5 Liters

Long and Winding Road


I Like That Boulder


King of the Castle


Baby Josh’s

Submerged Pineapple

Into The Great Wide Open

Under Them Skies of Blue

Agua Por Dias

Dr. Seuss Inspired

Going Up?”

Lupine Take 2″

So Vast


Up Close and Personal


Big Josh


Home for the Evening

Sunset Viewing

It’s Going Down

I’m Yelling Timber

4 thoughts on “Day 50 (May 27): PCT Mile 604.4 – 624.3

  1. Sherry Hoekwater

    Great idea to do “50” pics on day 50! And I loved the bonus captions! I imagine this helps to see the detail in the beauty surrounding you. It’s a picture book of a day on the PCT. šŸ˜Š ā¤ļø


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