Day 23 (April 30): PCT Mile 266.1

Zero Day in Big Bear

I’m going to try and keep this post short since I wasn’t on the trail. Brian and I woke up early and he made coffee! It was great. Ally came down a bit later. While perusing on our phones and such, we enjoyed some blueberry strudel stuff that I’d gotten.

Ally was getting back on trail today and Brian had a motel booked, so both were headed back to the center of town first. I was going to join and do my laundry and pick up a few more items. Our plan had been to do an Uber or Lift, but no cars were around in the am. Eventually, we figured out that there is a bus system that would take us right where we wanted to go. So we walked to the bus stop, got on, and went to town. I paid $4 for a daily pass.

Once there, we parted ways. Unfortunately, another hat misplacement! I had Brian’s San Francisco Giants hat (he’s a big fan and follows the games out here when he can – I helped route on the team to a victory over rival Dodgers last night). I did my laundry, got my items, then took the bus to his motel. Tracked him down, gave him his hat. Then, went to get a sub from Jersey Mike’s before I headed back to the cabin. Saw lots of other hikers I knew around town and on the bus.

Once back at the cabin, I was able to clean up everything in my pack and get organized. I also re-sized my pack’s belt (I’m too small!). Did some cleaning up of the cabin, got my food figured out (I’m in for a heavy haul tomorrow), and in general prepared to get on trail again tomorrow morning. I also called home and talked to the Master Trailsman about shipping a resupply package coming up, among other things.

There’s always lots to do on the zero days it seems. I’ll be so dang ready to do some hiking tomorrow! I ended my evening watching a DVD they had at the cabin, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

(I don’t expect to upload any posts until I get to the next town, which should be Tuesday-ish)

3 thoughts on “Day 23 (April 30): PCT Mile 266.1

    1. Jim Nydam

      Thanks Abe, after watching Homemade Wanderlust on YouTube for the last three years we are ready to step into the trail angel role. Although someday I hope to receive some trail angel magic on the trail.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes and well you should. Myself and my wife Julia are tentatively planning on joining for a week in August. I’m super excited. I have become fully engaged with Steve’s trip as well as many others. It’s such a cool experience!


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