“Big Day in San Diego”

Saturday, April 6

Since our start on the trail isn’t until Monday, we had some fun in the San Diego area today…

We both must have been on Michigan time still, because Dave H got up around 5am, and I wasn’t too much later. He headed down right away to get a coffee and do some exploring. Then, around 6:30ish I met him outside and we took a walk to find some breakfast. Ended up just a few blocks away at Denny’s.

After breakfast, we checked in with my mom’s cousin, Jack, who had offered to take us fishing out on his boat today. Since we had some time, it was a beautiful day, and we are soon to do much much more walking anyway, we decided we’d just walk the 3.5 miles to meet at the launch. It was a successful venture and we arrived about the same time as them.

At the launch, we got to chat an hid reconnect with not only Jack, but other members of the Nydam Clan too: Henriette, Jim, Chris, Rachel, and Sarah. The guys went fishing, the ladies visited some spots around the city.

Once on the boat, dad and I realized we had forgot to get licenses, so we quick bought a day license online and were ready to go. Tried unsuccessfully for a bit in Mission Bay (which surrounds Sea World), but then headed out to brave the mighty Pacific. There were some decent swells going out of the harbor, but it ended up calming down while we were out there. We didn’t go too far, staying near the coast going north and finding some kelp beds.

Good times were had by all! For a couple Midwest coasters, it was amazing just to be out on the ocean, in the sun, with great views of the California coastline. On top of that, Captain Jack guided us each to catch some Calico Bass and we got to see some seals, dolphins, lots of kelp, odd crayfish-like red crabs, grunions, and barricuda’s. I also got to enjoy a fresh-picked orange that was home-grown by Jim!

Once on land, we met up with the rest of the team and were treated to a San Diego favorite, Hodads. I learned a hodad is a wannabe surfer, which I admit I am indeed such. We got some massive delicious burgers, onion rings, and the best malts this side of the Mississipp. Much thanks goes out to the Nydams for showing us a great time!

After dinner, we made it back to our hotel to watch Michigan State get defeated by the ferocious Texas Techians. I was not too sad about the whole matter, but felt for my fellow Spartan friends having known the same crushing defeat as a Michigan fan earlier in the tournament.

At the end of the day, we sat back and reflected, Dave H put it nice and simply “Big big day, big day in San Diego.”. Tomorrow, we look forward to getting ourselves into backpacker mode!

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