Made It To California

Friday, April 5

Spent the morning finalizing the packing, but most everything had already been taken care of the night before. Thus, dad and I may have been a tad antsy to get going.

We got to Gerald R. Ford airport nice and early. Mom, my older sister Emily, and her four kids came to see us off, which was great! Having not been in too many airports, the kids thought everything was so big (even our little GR airport) and interesting.

Most everything with our flights was smooth. We took off around 2pm, had a quick jaunt over to Detroit, then straight to San Diego. Just prior to landing, we tracked our location and found the approximate point when we were passing over the PCT below. It was a bizarre experience thinking that in a week or so we’d be hiking through that dry, desert, mountainous-looking terrain.

We arrived around 6pm Pacific Time/9pm Eastern Time. Our only slight hiccup was the temporary disappearance of Dave H’s bag. After it did not show up in the carousel, he found it lying against a wall a little ways away (maybe it’d been deemed overly large and removed for that reason?).

Took shuttle to hotel, then a short walk along the fishing docks/boardwalk of San Diego bay. Even got to see a seal going after some fish scraps that a boat was tossing. So many boats are docked. We’re excited to have the chance to be out on the water tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Made It To California

  1. Sherry Hoekwater

    Just a small hiccup. 😬 Who needs a backpack with all your “life” belongings when you’re hiking the PCT?? Glad you found it!! 🤗


  2. Ken Scholten

    Tally ho and away you go! Thanks for sending the blog and Carol and I will be living vicariously through your adventure! Just remember that rattlesnakes are attracted to body odor so don’t forget your baby wipes.
    Ken S


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